Best Over The Counter Treatments For Acne Scars

So after years of constant struggle with acne breakouts, you finally succeeded to completely get rid of them. But the SCARS that these acne left behind seem to be a tougher problem to deal with. Just like anyone, you may be feeling sad and disappointed. But you are not about to lose hope – right? When you were dealing with your acne problem you probably had tried everything to treat it, so you should be willing to do the same to find the right solutions for the scars they have left behind.

There are many things you can use to treat your scars naturally, or medically. In this short article, I will be showing you the 3 Best Over The Counter Treatments For Acne Scars which will get rid of those ugly spots on your face. But whatever method you choose for treating your scars, there are certain things you should first take into consideration:

Gradual Healing

One thing you should have learned from suffering and getting rid of acne is that the healing process won’t take effect overnight. You must not rush into things, especially if you can only afford the lower end products and services. There are certainly some high-tech procedures that can speed up the process, but if you can only allocate a limited budget for this, then please give it time to work.

Sample Choices Of Over The Counter Scar Treatment Options

To help you deal with your problem, here are some of the best over the counter acne scar treatments that you can try to help you overcome this tough skin condition.

1. Camellia seed oil. This is also referred to as silkia oil that is extracted from the evergreens camellias. This is a known skin moisturizer, which was first utilized by Asian women not only on their skin but also on their hair.

Continuous use of this seed oil can help in vanishing pockmarks, making your skin feel and look smooth. This is very affordable product, but you will only see the results after 12 to 18 months. This is only recommended to those who are trying to get rid of their scars.

If you still have acne or you are still prone in developing breakouts, it is best that you stay away from any products that contain oil on your skin because this may cause blockage on your pores.

2. Pockmark filler. This kind of product can be bought in a package that contains four pens that are good for one month. This contains hyaluronic acid that can plump up your skin. You have to use this twice a day, once in the morning and at night. One pen can be used for one week. Although, this is mainly used to hide your skin’s flaws, many of its users testify that the occurrence of the scars become rare as they continue using this product.

3. Glycolic acid. This is considered one of the best over the counter acne scar treatments. It works by increasing the cellular turnover. This is typically found as ingredient in products that can help in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

The effects of this acid can only be noticed after six months or longer. You just have to be persistent in applying the product as directed. This can also help in getting rid of many kinds of skin depressions including pock marks.

Prevent the Occurrence of Acne Scars

While you are still trying to get rid of your acne, you have to be very careful and make sure that you don’t do anything that will worsen the scarring once the acne is gone. First, you must never pick on your acne no matter how tempting it seems to be. You should stay away from using any exfoliating agent and products if you have acne breakouts. This might trigger tear and pits, which can lead to ugly scars.

You can also try taking Vitamin E while you are still in the process of healing your acne. As you may have heard many times before, prevention is better than cure. It is best that you prevent the occurrence of scars while you are still dealing with the breakouts.

Generally speaking, over the counter treatments of acne scars are not as effective as natural or laser treatment options. However, they are always worth the try.  If you are not successful with them, then you can try other methods.

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