How to Hide Scars

Scars can be a source of embarrassment or unwanted attention especially if they are located on body parts that cannot be easily covered with clothing. There are various treatments that are available for dealing with scars and making them fade away. However, if you are in need for a short term remedy for example, if you are going for a date or a high profile business meeting and you need to conceal scarred portions of the skin, there are various techniques you can use.

Here are the various techniques that you can try out to help you hide/conceal your scars;

1. You can use foundation to help conceal scars. Using of a concealer, foundation and a good makeup technique will do the trick. This works well for hiding minor scars on the skin.

- The first step is to ensure that the scarred area is properly cleaned and dried

- After the skin has dried, you can apply the concealer evenly on the scarred area.

- Then you can apply the foundation on the spot giving the scarred area a natural appearance.

2. Use of a camouflaging cream. If using foundation does not work effectively in hiding your scars, trying a camouflaging cream is also another option you can take. Camouflaging scar creams are easily available at many beauty stores and it can be found in many colors and shades. Therefore matching the cream to your skin color will not be an issue. On property of camouflaging creams is that they are heavily pigmented giving them the ability to hide scars that have a sharp contrast to the normal skin color.

You can apply this cream to anybody surface. Camouflaging creams also have moistening properties which helps keep the scarred area well, moisturized. This moisturizing effect also helps in healing of the scarred area. Using it is simple, just smear a small amount on your hand and rub it gently on the scarred area.

3. Physically covering your scars is the easiest and fastest way to hide scars that are conspicuous.

• If there is a scar is located on the face, you can adopt a hair style that covers it properly. This works best if the scar is located near the hairline.

• Use of accessories that detract people’s attention from the scars. This involves wearing things like bracelets necklaces or other jewelry. Though wearing of accessories should not be overdone for the sake of covering up scars. The look should be simple and natural, this will surely work in concealing scars

• The other simple thing you can do is to wear clothing that covers scarred areas of your body. This can range from using scarves to cover the neck or long sleeved shirts to cover the arms. This should be done in way to maintain a sense of style and fashion.

4. Opting for affordable home/natural remedies is another great way of concealing scars. Not only are home remedies inexpensive but they actually improve the appearance of the scarred area. One quick and easy home remedy is using ice cubes on the scars. Leaving ice cubes on the scars for a short period of around 10 minutes will actually diminish and flatten certain types of scars. This technique can be coupled with application of lemon juice to help get rid of dead skin cells on the scarred area.

Other Advantages of Hiding Scars

Apart from being a short term way of dealing with the problem of hiding scars it also works as a long term treatment in removal of scars if used regularly.

Before going and getting any product that may help you in covering up scars, it is always wise to do two things

• Firstly, is to make sure that the product you are about to use does not have any substances that may react with your skin. As this may lead to a worse skin condition than it was prior to using the product.

• Secondly, it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist to get tips on how deal specifically with various types of scars.

Finally, if you feel short term techniques for hiding scars are not satisfactory; you can decide to go for other scar treatments whose effects last longer, for instance, surgical procedures or laser treatments. But if their cost is prohibitive, you can always try natural remedies or give the above techniques a try.

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