Laser Scar Treatment

Scars result from the normal healing process after a person’s skin has been wounded. Most scars will fade and disappear on their own over a period of time, but in other cases some scars may become more pronounced if left untreated. These scars can be unsightly or even painful. Laser scar treatment is one of the available options that a person can choose to get rid of the scars. This kind of treatment encourages the growth of new and healthy skin tissue in the scarred area; it also minimizes the chances of the scar from recurring.

2 Types Laser Scar Treatment

Laser is a high-energy beam that can be used in a specialized way to treat scars. There are two kinds of laser scar treatment methods that can be used; ablative and non-ablative laser treatment.

Ablative laser treatment method; in this technique the laser beam is used to peel off the uppermost layer of the skin, this gives allowance for growth on new skin cells over the scarred area.

Non-ablative laser treatment method; the laser beam is used to damage skin cells located in the deeper layers of the skin. This encourages the growth of collagen which results in filling up on pits and indents that had been caused by scarring.

The above explained procedures usually take about 1 hour to perform. After completion, the area is cleaned gently and application of an antibiotic gel is done on the treated area. In some cases, medication can be prescribed to assist in fading the scar; pain killers may also be included after undergoing an ablative laser treatment.

Types Of Lasers Available For Laser Scar Treatment

The fractionated Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Er: YAG laser treatment. This type of laser is concentrated on fractions of the skin resulting in minute wounds in the deeper layers of the skin. Using a controlled process, the skin tissues surrounding the scarred area are used in treatment of the scar.

The 585-595 nm pulse dye laser treatment: This type of laser is mainly used for treatment of keloid and hypertrophic scars. This laser is non ablative and does not burn the skin that is undergoing treatment. This kind of laser is used to encourage the development of collagen which is located in the tissues beneath the skin.

Which Kinds Of Scarring Can Laser Scar Treatment Be Applied?

Due to advancement of technology, laser can be used in treatment of many kinds of scarring on the skin’s surface, for example;

1. Hypertrophic Scarring, this kind of scarring is characterized pinkish hard scars that are found around the wounded area. They normally fade away on themselves over a long period of time.

2. Keloid scarring, this type of scarring normally extends beyond the wounded area; it is characterized by red and purplish scars that in some instances end up increasing in size and affecting other areas near the wounded part.

3. Atrophic scarring, characterized by depressed pin like pockets on the skin’s surface, they can lead to conditions like acne.

Laser scar treatments are not effective for every individual or scarring, thus one should consult a dermatologist to confirm whether using laser will successfully treat their scars.

What is the skin’s response after undergoing a laser scar treatment procedure?

Few days after the laser treatment has been done, the skin will start regenerating by formation of new skin cells. The healing process will vary in different people; this is usually dependent on factors like a person’s skin condition and the type of laser that was used in the procedure. There might be minor itching sensation in some people; this is mainly due to the healing and regeneration process taking place in the skin tissues.

Benefits of undergoing Laser Scar treatments

- Laser can be used to treat specific locations of the skin without affecting other skin areas.

- It is a very effective method in diminishing the effects left behind by scarring.

- Laser scar treatment procedures usually take a short period to perform, thus they are considered as outpatient surgeries.

Demerits of laser treatments of scars

- The treatments have to be done repeatedly to prevent reappearance of the scars.

- It might result in abnormal pigmentation of the skin in the area undergoing laser treatment.

- Laser treatment isn’t effective on certain types of scars.

- Laser scar treatments are very expensive

Choosing the appropriate laser scar treatment plan; one is always advised to have done sufficient consultation with their dermatologist concerning the best treatment plan that the person should opt for. Although the costs might be on the higher side, selecting the right treatment plan will highly increase your chances of a successful outcome.

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