Natural Scar Remedies

There are many things that can lead to formation of scars on the skin. Surgery, accidents or even skin conditions like acne can all cause scarring on the skin. If the scars are located on areas like the face, they can lead to some degree of uneasiness or loss of self confidence.

Nowadays there are various methods that are available for treatment of scars. A popular question you will see so many people asking in various online health forums is: how to get rid of acne scars? No mater the type of scaring that you have, one option that you can choose is use of natural scar remedies. Some of these natural remedies have been known to effectively diminish scars and improve the appearance of the scarred skin.

In using natural scar remedies, consistency and patience are important to get best results. Some of these remedies may be combined together to reap maximum benefits during scar treatment.

Examples of natural scar remedies

1. Using coconut oil: unlike other scar removal products in the market that work by masking the effects and symptoms caused by scarring, coconut oil protects and heals scarred skin by working with the body’s healing processes. This oil contains fatty acids that function as antioxidants which are crucial in minimizing tissue damage caused by free radicals. The tissues that are mainly affected by these radicals are connective tissues. They reduce the regenerative abilities of the connective tissues. Therefore if coconut oil is used consistently it will reverse the effects caused by radicals and also soften the skin’s texture.

2. Aloe Vera: one property of Aloe Vera that helps in treatment of scars is that it stimulates the regeneration process of tissues in the skin. It also keeps the skin’s surface moisturized which helps in diminishing of scars. Application of Aloe Vera on the skin is also known to reduce inflammation.

3. Use of baking soda: it helps in the exfoliation of the top layers of the skin, and if you use it regularly it will help in fading of the scars at the same time cleansing the pores on the skin’s surface.

4. Olive oil: one way of keeping your scars from getting worse is by keeping them constantly moisturized. Olive oil has revitalizing properties and helps keep scarred skin adequately moisturized. This natural scar remedy can be applied after using baking soda.

5. Application of Tea Tree Oil: this oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties. This keeps the scarred from worsening due to infections. If you use regularly, preferably twice a day, tea tree oil will significantly improve the appearance of the scarred area. One disadvantage of this remedy is that it has a strong pungent odor. You should also avoid ingesting the oil while using it.

6. Cucumber paste: often used at beauty spa’s to get rid of dark patches around the eyes, cucumber can be ground into a paste then applied on scars. It helps hydrate the scarred area and at the same time help fade the scars.

Other natural remedies that you can use in treating scars are; the gotu Kola herb, lemon juice, calendula (pot marigold) and honey.

Other measures you should take to successfully treat scars

Apart from only using natural scar remedies in elimination of scars, there are other measures that you can take to increase your chances of success in treating scars. Some of the measures are for example:

• Increase your intake of fluids; you should drink more water or juices made from fresh fruit. This will help your skin to be properly hydrated, keeping your skin hydrated assists in fading of scars. However, you should avoid drinks that are highly sweetened or taking chocolate based products in excess, as this might hampers the effectiveness of the treatment.

• Enough sleep; it is recommended to get at least 8 hours of sleep; it is during sleep time that your body engages is regeneration of worn out cells and tissues. Getting enough rest will therefore will promote faster elimination of scars.

• Ample exercise; doing exercise increases general blood flow in the body. This ensures enough oxygen and essential nutrients are transported to the scarred area. Exercise also helps in getting rid of toxins in skin tissues through sweating. This works together with the natural remedies in treating of scars.

• Keeping the scarred area clean; you are advised to keep the scarred area clean at all times as this keeps the skin pores open and prevents accumulation of dead tissue at the scarred area which might slowdown treatment of the scars.

If you prefer to go the natural way when dealing with scars, the above natural scar remedies are a good way to start.

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