Pimple Scars

Pimple scars are caused by the damaging of skin tissues; this is mainly as a result of skin conditions like acne. Some types of pimple scars may prove stubborn to get rid of them, but having a consultation with a certified dermatologist and choosing the right treatment, it is possible to treat pimple scars.

There are different kinds of pimple scars that affect the skin; they may be in the form of;
• waves
• spots
• or pits

Spots are the easiest to treat and they normally faded away on themselves. Pitted, wave or any other types of pimple scars may require some form of treatment to get rid of them. The treatment to be used for these scars is mainly dependent on the severity of the condition.

Here are some of the procedures and techniques that can be used to effectively deal with pimple scars

Use of laser treatment has been shown to work effectively in removing pimple scars.

The two types of lasers that are used in this procedure are:

- Carbon dioxide laser (CO2) laser.
- Er: YAG laser.

These lasers work by vaporizing the upper layers of the skin, stimulating the growth of new skin cells around the scarred area. Of the two lasers, CO2 is stronger and can penetrate deeper layers of the skin.

The ablative kind of laser treatment works best and requires a lesser number of treatments compared to fractioned ablative laser treatment.

The period of recovery is dependent on the extent of laser treatment performed; laser treatment can be combined with other procedures for better results in dealing with pimple scars.

Dermabrasion is another procedure that can be used to treat pimple scars. This procedure involves using fine particles that are directed on the surface of the skin using a specialized hand held device. The particles usually move at a high velocity and they are used to remove the top layers of the skin. The device is motorized and has a rotating metallic brush that contributes to the scrapping of the top layers of the scarred area. Microdermabrasion is similar to this procedure except that the amount of skin tissue removed is smaller.

Chemical peels
The other option in treating pimple scars is going for a chemical peeling procedure. In this treatment, acidic substances are used to exfoliate the top layers of the scar tissue causing the scars to fade and blend in with the surrounding skin. The three types of chemical peels that are normally used in this treatment include;

- Trichloracetic acids.
- Phenols.
- Alpha hydroxy acids.

Among the three types of chemical peels, phenols are considered the strongest. You should see a dermatologist to decide on which type of chemical peel is best for your condition.

Dermaplaning procedure
Dermaplaning is also used in removal of pimple scars, best results are obtained when it is combined with the Dermabrasion procedure. In Dermaplaning, a special tool is used to shave off very thin layers on the upper surface of the skin. This leaves the underlying layers exposed promoting growth of new skin cells to replace the worn out layers. This gradually fades the pimple scars away leaving the scarred area with a smoother appearance.

You can also consider using natural remedies to treat faint pimple scars, some of the natural substances that you can apply on the scars are like Aloe Vera, cucumber paste, olive oil or even lemon juice.

Ways of preventing the occurrence of pimple scars:

The one thing that causes these kinds of scars is excessive scratching of the skin around pimples or deliberate popping of pimples. This should be avoided because scratching causes irritation and injures the skin, eventually ending up in the formation of pimple scars.

You should avoid;

- Exposing your skin to environments with high levels of pollution.

- Exposing the skin to direct sunlight for long periods of time without use of any kind of protection

- Misuse of cosmetics on the skin; use them appropriately avoiding the ones which might cause irritation on your skin and always remember to wash them off before going to bed.

- Stress, this is also known to contribute in formation of pimples.

Any of the above treatments are effective in dealing with pimple scars if they are done properly then the chances of successful removal of these scars is high.

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